Welcome to Diversity Lab Sholarship:
Embrace, Empower, Excel

....and let your groups stay be sponsored so you can focus on your work!

In a world brimming with diverse cultures, perspectives, and talents, we at Diversity Lab are wholeheartedly dedicated to creating environments that respect and celebrate these differences. As a renowned Diversity and Inclusion Training Facility, we’ve been guiding organizations to not only acknowledge diversity but to utilize it as a cornerstone for their growth and success. There are so many important causes and so much bureaucracy that we want to create something simple. Something that helps your organisation on focusing on your work in the field of diversity instead of getting a nother headache raising more funds for the next team retreat. This is why we invite you to our place for free! Yes, you heard right. For free.

Why it´s free for you!

In our quest to further encourage the conversation and actions on diversity and inclusion, we are thrilled to offer our unique physical retreat space, free of charge, to groups and organizations that resonate with our mission of creating diverse and respectful workspaces. We know by firsthand experience how hard it can be to get an important project started, specially finding enough funding or a place to work from, to support the Endeavour without beeing to much of a burden for your private space and money. This is why we started the Diversity Lab Sholarship Programm. 

This initiative is possible thanks to the generous partnership between Diversity Lab and private citizens, Reinhard Wiesemann and Monika Rintelen  (https://www.vielrespektzentrum.de/wir ). Both of them truly believe in the value of diversity and respect within our society. Which is why support a great variety of initiatives within that context. They generously offered to pay the costs for the Scholarship Programm so your team, group or organisation can work here for free. We want to make your journey towards greater inclusivity and understanding a positive, strengthening, and joy-creating process that encourages growth at your own pace, in your own unique way.

Unleash your potential in our space

Here at Diversity Lab, we believe in the power of focused work coupled with leisure, self-care, and building relationships. Our retreat space allows you to do exactly that. We invite you and your Group, Team or Organisation over. You can work on the things most important to you and have a great time while doing so. 

  • No cost for accommodation, energy, cleaning, or hosting - removing the financial hurdle to focus more on your mission.
  • The sprawling estate is all yours to use - providing spaces for intensive work sessions or to relax and recharge after a productive day.
  • Self-catering kitchen is at your disposal, promoting team-building while you create and enjoy meals together.
  • Alternatively, relish our healthy and delicious catering, lovingly prepared by our team to keep you energized and focused.

Join our mission

At Diversity Lab, we are dedicated to creating a world where organizations embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential cornerstones for growth and success. Our mission is to transform workplaces into inclusive environments that celebrate the unique qualities of every individual, fostering innovation, collaboration, and success through compassionate and understanding means. We do this through especially through supporting minorities and under-represented groups such as bipoc.

In this world, organizations commit to proactively addressing their challenges in fostering diversity and inclusion. Our training programs are designed to cultivate empathy between individuals from diverse backgrounds, encouraging open dialogues and peaceful conflict resolution to reach a higher satisfaction with and appreciation of diversity. We firmly believe that change begins within. We inspire continuous self-improvement, invite individuals and organizations alike to confront their biases and grow towards greater inclusivity through diversity-supporting safer spaces.

We commit to meet you where you are, creating safe spaces for diverse perspectives to flourish and drive positive change. Our retreat space isn’t just a physical location, but a stepping stone to a world that values and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Booking your stay

As we strive to provide the best possible environment, we require your cooperation. Designate a responsible contact person for organizing your stay, ensuring respectful use of our facilities, and aiding us in keeping our retreat space safe and clean.

Visit Diversity Lab and experience the transformative power of inclusivity, understanding, and respect. Because at Diversity Lab, we believe diversity isn’t just about representation - it’s about creating a world where every voice matters, every individual is valued, and everyone can thrive.

Get in touch with us to explore how we can support your cause towards a more diverse, inclusive, and successful future.

Welcome to the Diversity Lab –
where diversity is not just included, it's celebrated!

  • 16 Bedrooms
  • Accommodation for up to 32 Guest
  • 15.000 sqm property deep inside the forrest
  • fully equipped seminar and workshop facilities
  • beach volleyball field, sauna, huge garden, lake access 

To reach out for your stay please send an email to: info@diversity-lab.net